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MIS Global Technologies was established in 2003 as an IT Training company.  In January 2024 the company underwent a restructuring to accommodate our diverse and global clientele and their demands.  MIS Global Technologies, now offer flexible learning modes including: Online, Hybrid and Face to-to-Face.

Our mission is to equip professional with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving IT landscape.


In addition to Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA courses we have extended our course to include the following

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Cybersecurity Fundamentals covers the basic principles and practices of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. It includes understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management.

Cybersecurity Analyst

A Cybersecurity Analyst is responsible for protecting an organization’s computer systems and networks. They monitor systems for security breaches, analyze security risks, and implement measures to prevent cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Advanced

Cybersecurity Advanced refers to the sophisticated practices and technologies used to protect digital assets from complex cyber threats. This includes advanced threat detection, incident response, and proactive security measures.

Penetration Test

A Penetration Test is a simulated cyberattack against a computer system, performed to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. It helps organizations understand their security weaknesses from the perspective of an attacker.

AI & Security Operation Centre

AI & Security Operation Centre (SOC) integrates artificial intelligence with security operations to enhance threat detection and response. The SOC monitors and analyzes network activities to identify and mitigate potential security incidents using AI-driven insights.

Privacy Law and Data Protection

Privacy Law and Data Protection encompass the regulations and practices designed to safeguard personal information. These laws ensure that organizations handle personal data responsibly, protecting individuals’ privacy rights and preventing data breaches.

For your convenience the courses  are offered worldwide:   Online, Hybrid and Face to Face mode.

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